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Risk Prevention

Risk prevention

At present, the security issue is applied in all the fields in which the human being currently develops, be it in our own homes and even when we go out to make our purchases to the supermarket. It is because of this that in our company we observe the need to expand our knowledge in security and take it to the area of Alajuela

About Us

Our company was created in March 2016, as a Business Unit, to provide a professional security service focused on trust and based on experience and mastery of techniques to meet the needs that our customers require. We are a company with high quality standards, experienced and highly qualified staff, which allows us to provide a difference in our services.

Why we are here


Our raison d’etre is to generate value for our clients, society and shareholders, offering comprehensive and specialized security solutions, incorporating the most advanced technology and counting on the talent of the best professionals.


Create a recognized brand in Costa Rica in private security, a symbol of security and trust, offering the most advanced technological tools and with the best human factor, to give security to each of our clients.


UNION DE NEGOCIOS EL ERIZO, a company dedicated to the provision of physical Security Services for the Protection of our Clients’ Facilities in the National Territory, we commit ourselves to:

The implementation of Good Practices and Procedures for the Protection of the image of the Company, its Collaborators and Assets.
Maintain the Integrity of the processes that make up the Control and Security Management System BASC and continuously improve them.
Comply with the Legal Requirements applicable to our commercial activities, avoid practices related to corruption and bribes, as well as being used by organizations with illicit purposes



Offer security, confidence and tranquility highlighting the most important aspects of our staff: honesty, loyalty, responsibility and teamwork, as well as each of the values that characterize us.

For our customers

Service Policy

Our commitment is to guarantee integral security solutions for your organization, making use of a process structure that together ensures a quality service based on non-violence.
Our work processes to provide services are governed by high parameters of honesty, legality, efficiency and effectiveness established by the company for a continuous improvement of our work, supported by the use of technology and continuous training of our staff, prioritizing prevention, detection and neutralization of crime, for the benefit of our customers and society in general.

Our values



Commercial Security

Our staff is highly trained in Customer Service and with excellent personal presentation, our officers are able to represent the image of your company and ensure security in hotels, shopping centers, shops, offices of professionals, medical centers, etc.

Corporate Security

We have specialized officers for transnational companies, bilingual, excellent personal presentation, with knowledge in the management of corporate policies, customer service, among other important aspects to ensure an effective and efficient service.


Alarms monitoring and armed response

We offer the service of electronic monitoring of openings and closings of premises, attention of alarms, we offer the option of daily or monthly reports of incidents, our monitoring service has coordination with the Public Force throughout the country and armed response of our company in specific sectors of Alajuela, Heredia and San José.

Custodian Services

Our Custody service allows us to offer highly qualified personnel to provide custody of securities through personal escort, motorized or vehicular to trucks, sales agents and vans, our officers have extensive experience and we can provide this service throughout the country.


Consulting, evaluations and safety studies

Aware that, by corporate policies, several companies choose to have their own security personnel, our company offers qualified personnel to support you in the design process of the security structure for buildings, commercial premises, offices, factories, warehouses, etc. Our service of Consulting, Evaluations and Security Studies, includes from the basic appraisals of security to specialized audits to the devices of each company. We offer the creation of manuals by position, protocols and security procedures, adapted to the characteristics and needs of each company.

Residential Security

Our company has high profile officers in residential and housing security service. Trained in access controls, surveillance tours, detection of suspects, risk analysis, customer service and excellent personal presentation.

Industrial Security

We offer specialized personnel in the work for Free Trade Zones, import and export companies. Our Officials are trained in access controls and all the standards used in Free Trade Zones in Costa Rica

Banking Security

We offer trained personnel with a high profile in banking security, with emphasis on customer service, detection of suspects and risk analysis.

Security Camera Monitoring and CCTV

Our technology platform allows us to offer the Monitoring of cameras and CCTV, from any part of the country, we provide electronic surveillance, with recording, we have a fluid coordination with the police authorities of the area, which allows us to provide an effective response in case of Some event on your property, house or company.

Personal escorts and VIP protection

Our company is qualified to provide bodyguard services, using highly qualified, discreet, respectful, bilingual and non-bilingual personnel, to provide this service we have the option of protection with vehicle and without vehicle.

Special Investigations - Private Investigation

We have highly trained staff in research, with a license and extensive experience in solving cases of theft, business robbery, fraud, theft and location of people.

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